战国 金银错镶嵌铜凤鸟尊
昂首挺立的凤鸟形象, 头部微微上昂,形体肥硕,双目圆睁,钩喙前伸, 头顶圭形冠。腹腔中空,与颈、喙相通,锋锐的钩喙为自由开合的流口,倾倒酒液时自动开启,复位时闭合,设计巧妙。双翅贴伏,上饰有盘绕蒼龙。长尾披垂。凤鸟的背部设置圆拱形器盖,盖上也挺立一只回首小凤鸟。鸟双腿直立,足间有蹼。通体浮雕羽翼,以粗细相间的金、银丝嵌饰的几何云纹。羽纹华丽清晰,富有层次感。以动物造型的尊,艺术地表现了人们的原始宗教观念,作为人与神灵之间的沟通媒介,起着巫术般的祈愿避邪作用。
Warring States, Bronze Gold and Silver Inlaid Phoenix-Bird-Form Ritual Wine Vessel, Zun
Vessel cast as a standing phoenix with a cover surmounted by a small phoenix. Naturalistically shaped, resting on its claws and tail, with wings upswept on either side flanked by a Kui dragon, exquisitely inlaid in gold and silver set flush with the bronze, in geometric scrolls, scale-like patterns the bird’s feathers.
The belly of the buffalo is hollow and there are two holes from its neck to the end of its back. On its back, there is a removable pot-shaped container. There was a cover on the container which is a wine warmer. Hot water can be poured into the hollow belly to heat the wine in the pot-shaped container on the back.
Phoenixes were not merely popular as decorative motifs but represented auspicious omens, a symbol of authority and embodying the concern for the afterlife. Serving as wine-storage or presentation jar in funerary ceremonies honoring the spirit of a deceased.

  • Height: 15 in (38.1 cm)

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