清 黄杨木雕福禄寿三星人物
黄杨木大材圆雕而成,体型硕大。三尊福禄寿像姿态各异, 制作工艺将圆雕、 浮雕、阴线细刻等多种技法融为一体。面部刻画生动写实,表情和善得意。木质紧密,包浆浑厚古雅,动感十足。居家供奉,福禄寿三全。
Qing Dynasty, A Very Fine Boxwood Carvings of the Three Immortals
Finely chased and incised figures with lively details and adorned in robes falling in thick folds over the body of the God of Good Fortune, God of Emoluments and God of Longevity, each with a smiling boy. The wood with a warm glow and lustrous patina. Boxwoods have a slow growth rate, there is a saying of "millennium boxwood".
Due to the material of boxwood, most of their carvings are small works. These three statues of Fu, Lu, and Shou are distinguished by the intensity of expressions and their large sizes.

  • Height: 8⅛ in (20.6 cm), 8⅜ in (21.3 cm), 8 in (20.3 cm)

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