清 铜鎏金关公、关平、周仓像
此一组以精铜铸成,铜质精治重沈,质色具美,包浆醇厚,人物形象栩栩如生,传神灵动,线条自然流畅。主尊关羽身着甲胄、长袍,脚蹬战靴,头顶官帽,鬓角微微显露,发丝清晰可数,正襟危坐。关平与周仓分别捧印、持刀侍立左右。关公右手轻捋美髯,左手抚膝,脚蹬战靴,端坐于长方台上。基座底部有十字金刚杵底款。 关平、周仓刻工同样精湛细腻,分别捧印、持刀侍立左右。整套组像人物表情衣饰、铠甲雕刻精细入微。鎏金厚重灿烂。有清初宫廷造像和早期喀尔喀蒙古造像的精致严整之美。
Qing Dynasty, A Rare Group of Finely Cast Gilt Bronze Figure of Guandi, Guan Ping and Zhou Cang
Guandi with a wrathful expression, is shown seated on a tall throne with one hand resting on his thighs. He is dressed in armor and belted robes, and he sports a long beard flowing from his pensive face with his right hand raised holding one of his long sideburns. With elaborate armor detailed and cast in relief, all raised on a rectangular plinth with scrolled corners, the base sealed with a copper plate inscribed with a vishvavajra. Both assistants of Guandi standing upright on rectangular pedestals, Guan Ping with both arms raised proffering respectfully a wrapped box, Zhou Cang with a full beard and bulging eyes, his left arm resting on his hip, his right hand holding a spear. Zou Cang is Guandi's weapon bearer but also sometimes accompanies Guandi in his role as a war god, alongside Guan Yu's adopted son Guan Ping.
Surviving examples of 18th century bronze figures of Guandi with his attendants are rare. Covered in thick gilding and cast with elaborate armor incised with decorations and intricately defined features, these historical figures of Guandi, the deified form of Guan Yu, remains one of the most popular Chinese historical figures, is worshipped by Daoist and Buddhist practitioners as a guardian deity

  • Height: 9¼ in (23.5 cm) ,6½ in (16.5 cm), 6¼ in (15.9 cm), weight: 3,575g, 1,047g, 911g

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