清 藏传铜鎏金释迦摩 尼佛(三尊)全跏趺坐像
释尊螺发排列紧密,宝珠顶严。眼睑微垂,双耳垂肩,相容慈和端详双手拢于腹间结禅定印捧钵,双腿跏趺端坐,下承仰覆束腰莲座。封底保存完好, 刻有双金 刚杵。
释尊左手置于脐前托钵结禅定印,右手结触地印,全跏趺坐于莲台之上。下承仰覆束腰莲座。封底保存完好, 刻有 双金 刚杵。
释尊左手置于脐前托钵结禅定印,右手朝上结无谓印, 全跏趺坐于莲 台之上。下承仰覆束腰莲座。封底保存完好, 刻有双金 刚杵。
Qing Dynasty, A Group of Three Sino-Tibetan Gilt Bronze Figure of Shakyamuni Buddha
Seated in dhyanasana on a double-lotus base, his hands cupped in his lap holding an alms bowl, wearing a sanghati, his face with serene expression and a raised urna between his brows, his hair tightly curled, richly gilt overall and with an incised sealed double-varja base.
Seated in vajrasana on a double-lotus base, his right hand in bhumisparshamudra, the left resting on his lap and supporting the alms-bowl.
Seated in dhyanasana on a double-lotus base with his right hand in bhumisparshamudra and the left holding an elms bowl in his lap.

  • 5⅞ x 5⅞ x 6 in (14.9 x 14.9 x 15.2 cm)
    Weight: 1,822g, 1,783g, 1,350g

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