明 宣德 铜鎏金阿弥陀佛坐像
此尊发髻高束,顶饰摩尼宝珠。宝缯束于耳际。面庞丰腴,双目垂俯,相容和熙。肩胸宽厚,体态饱满。身着袒右式袈裟,衣缘錾刻精美的缠枝花卉, 折叠曲复,曲走流回自然。左手结禅定印托宝瓶,右手当胸结三宝印,跏趺端坐于仰覆莲台座。阿弥陀佛是净土信仰中西方极乐世界的主佛, 造型端庄严整,胎体厚重敦实,比例舒展匀称。莲座背上横书“宣德年制”。为明代金铜造像中的佳制。
Ming Dynasty, A Rare Gilt-Bronze Figure of Buddha Amitabha
The figure is finely cast and shown seated in dhyanasana with right foot projecting from the hem of the loosely draped folds of the robe on a waisted pedestal encircled by two tiers of elaborate lotus lappets. Draped in a loose robe, falling across one arm and around the shoulders, skillfully chased and incised with bold lotus-scroll bands and detailed borders of composite flowers at the hem. The serene face with an urna above downcast eyes, the flanking ears with pendulous lobes, the tightly curled hair depicted through an array of small bossed whorls piling high upon a domed ushnisha below a gilt spherical finial. With the right hand raised and the left holding a floral lotus amphoral bottle and resting on the left knee.
Ming Dynasty, Xuande, Four Character Mark and of the Period.

  • Height: 15¼ in (38.7 cm)

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