东汉 砖室墓 灰陶画像砖
画像砖是砌墓室模印的有图画砖。在砖石的平面上先经过绘画,然后再进行雕刻,阳刻线条、阳刻平面,浅浮雕和线刻的形式。它具备了中国画的特点,以线条作为主要表现手法,通过外在的形体动作来反映所要表现的内容。是装饰画与浮雕、线雕相结合的产物。秦汉画像砖特有的奔放飞动之美。汉代人厚葬的风气兴盛,石墓得以产生和发展,贵族地主们在石面上雕刻各种花纹图案。此实心的長方扁砖构图骑马射猎 、车马出巡,造型简练生动,强动态感。秦汉画像砖、石艺术对以后魏晋隋唐的绘画和雕刻艺术有着重要影响。
Eastern Han Dynasty, A Molded Grey Pottery Funerary Brick
Rectangular in shape, one side molded with a hunting scene in a mountain landscape with two bottom bands of geometrice patterns. On the plane of the masonry, it is first painted, and then carved. It has the characteristics of Chinese painting, uses lines as the main means of expression, and reflects the content to be expressed through external body movements. It is the product of the combination of decorative painting, relief and line carving. he unrestrained and flying beauty unique to Qin and Han portrait bricks. The custom of thick burials in the Han Dynasty was prosperous, and stone tombs were produced and developed. Noble landowners carved various patterns on the stone surfaces. The composition of this solid rectangular flat brick depicts hunting on horseback and traveling in chariots and horses. The shape is concise and vivid, and it has a strong sense of movement. The portrait brick and stone art of the Qin and Han Dynasties had an important influence on the painting and sculpture art of the Wei, Jin, Sui and Tang Dynasties. Funerary bricks offer insights into the way people lived during their lifetimes in that period.

  • Length: 15⅜ in (39 cm)
    Width: 6¼ in (15.9 cm)
    Height: 3 in (7.6 cm)

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