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Description: 林缉光 (b. 1939)
写意大狂草 毛泽东词 沁园春句
释文:问苍茫大地, 谁主沉浮?林缉光书 Kwong Lam 2020
Kwong Lam
Unconstrained Freehand Cursive Script
Ink on Paper, Mounted
Dated 2020
Changsha, Chin Yuan Chun
I ask, on this boundless land
Who rules over man's destiny?
林缉光广东新会人,十岁为艺术大师、教育家丁衍庸收为入室弟子,学习中西绘画、书法、文物鉴证等。1977年丁衍庸交付信物而被选为嫡传人。年十四岁考入香港新亚学院(现香港中文大学),成绩优异,十七岁免考入加拿大多伦多安大略艺术学院,1962年以全优总平均A+ 第一名毕业,震动多伦多文化艺术界,多伦多邮报誉为最有前途的青年艺术家。他的书法艺术与灵气,极可能得益于十八岁便参加广东省书法比赛而得到冠军的父亲的遗传。林缉光的书法以老子“任自然”的哲学思想,以全新的书法艺术形式,打破中国千余年的书法艺术传统,以他从小对各家书法的学习与研究,创造比草圣张旭和怀素更具鲜明,字字生动的“写意大狂草”书法风格,并且与他深厚的西洋绘画艺术功力和色彩,创造前无古人的狂草彩色书法风格。1994年应僑办邀请在北京中国历史博物馆举行书法展,在中华书法文化艺术史上再添一笔。其作品请浏览
Breaking away from writing in the traditional sense and creating calligraphic writing into free-flowing pictorial signs by relinquishing the conscious structure behind ideographic signs. Taking the concept of spontaneity to new heights of expression by discovering the law of nature within oneself. By forgoing the meaning of the individual sign, the function of calligraphy emphasizes “floating clouds” and “immortal dancing” -- in essence, the ecstasy of mind and body conjugated through the unbridled spontaneity of the brush. Lam’s Freehand Script was first exhibited at Beijing’s History Museum in 1994. He is a recipient of the Ellis Island Medals of Honor, 2018. To view his works:

  • Dimensions: 27 x 54¼ in.
    68.6 x 137.8 cm.

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