明代 15至16世纪 木胎彩绘泥塑水月观音坐像
通体采用圆雕技法雕制观音像,此像体型硕大,观音头束高髻,胸前佩戴花饰缨络项链,飘带自肩部绕过下落,卷曲飘逸。结游戏坐姿,右腿支起,右臂放在右膝上。 类似彩绘泥塑漆金佛像在山西省多处明代佛教寺院中也可见到。
太原南部平遥县双林寺和镇国寺的千佛殿和天王殿,号称“东方彩书艺术宝库” 大量的宋元明彩塑和壁画。类似的彩绘泥塑观音雕像于 6/12/2018 日在巴黎苏富比拍卖,拍品 184,售价 237,000 欧元
Ming Dynasty, 15th/16th Century A Rare and Large Gilt and Polychrome-painted stucco Water Moon Guanyin
A harmonious depiction of the benevolent Guanyin. Cast with a serene expression on her face with an elaborate headdress, long flowing robes with numerous strings of jewels around her neck and a shawl wrapped around her shoulders. She is seated with the right arm resting on the right knee. Traces of polychrome pigments remaining.
Similar types of stucco figures can be seen in a number of Buddhist temples of the Ming dynasty in Shanxi province. In the Guanyin Hall and the Thousand Buddha Hall of the Shuanglin Temple and Zhenguo Temple in Pingyaoxian county, south of Taiyuan, large numbers of heavenly bodhisattvas adorn the halls.
A similar Statute of Guanyin in Polychrome stucco was sold in Sotheby Paris, 6/12/2018 Lot 184 for 237,000 EUR
With Base and Acrylic box cover

  • Height: 37.5 in. (95.3 cm.)

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